No (sunny) roof? No problem!

Would you like to produce green power without placing solar panels on your own roof? Vrijopnaam has a solution.

We offer our customers to buy solar panels in one of our solar parks. We call this: Paneelopnaam. With a Paneelopnaam you produce your own power in a solar park near your home address.

A Paneelopnaam costs € 99. For each panel, we guarantee an annual yield of 250 kWh, for 9 years. We offset the electricity you produce with your panels against the amount of consumed electricity. This offsetting occurs annually on the energy bill at the supply rate with a maximum of 10 cents per kWh.

Easy and sustainable!

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Annually guaranteed kWh for 9 years (with a maximum of € 0,10 per kWh)

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Gebruik van zonnepanelen zonder ze aan te schaffen


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Ik wil graag groene stroom uit Nederland. Niet met zo’n allen gebruik maken van dezelfde Noorse waterval! Ik heb enkele panelen gehuurd via Vrij op naam. Scheelt toch iets in mijn stookkosten

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Het is prettig dat je jouw werkelijk verbruik van zowel electra als gas per dag kunt bekijken. En ook dat je terug ziet wat je ‘zelf’ aan electra hebt opgewekt. De maandoverzichten zijn ook fijn zodat je kunt bijhouden of jouw maandbedrag nog wel klopt. Het maakt dat je bewust (er) omgaat met je electra en gasverbruik.

Goede energieleverancier met oog op de toekomst gericht.


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Heldere en duidelijke jaarafrekening ontvangen met ook goede uitleg bij energie-plafond. Je krijgt altijd hulp bij vragen of aanschaf paneel op naam. Zonnepaneel-velden met wat extra aandacht voor de omgeving vind ik positief. Lukt zo beter energie verbruik te verlagen.

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Choose your solar park in The Netherlands

Solar power can be generated anywhere. Not only on the roof but on unprofitable farmland, closed landfills and noise walls along highways. Constructed with care and attention to the landscape. The yield of a Paneelopnaam is almost the same everywhere, at least 250 kWh per year is guaranteed.

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A Paneelopnaam, that'll brighten your day!

  • A Paneelopnaam costs only €99. That includes maintenance, repair and administration.
  • Guaranteed yield of 250 kWh per year (max. € 0,10 per kWh).
  • See how much you've generated in the app at any time.
  • Get in or out at any moment.
  • Generate as much electricity as you consume each year, up to a maximum of 2.500 kWh (10 panels).
  • Buy your first Paneelopnaam, get the second one as a gift!

Buy your Panelenopnaam in the Vrijopnaam-app. Do you have any questions? Check our smart questions or call us.

Smart questions about generating yourself

Read all questions

Vrijopnaam’s mission is to enable everyone to produce their own solar power. That’s why we offer 'Panelenopnaam' to our customers. These are solar panels that are not mounted on domestic rooftops, but placed in collective solar fields operated by Vrijopnaam.

A single Paneelopnaam costs € 99. With this Paneelopnaam, you are entitled to a minimum yield of 250 kWh per panel per year, for a period of 9 years. The yield of your Paneelopnaam gets settled on your annual statement. The value of this power equals your own Vrijopnaam power commodity price, with a maximum of € 0,10 per kWh. The supply rate is the rate of Vrijopnaam excluding VAT and energy tax.

Read more about producing your own solar power.

Switch to Vrijopnaam and simply inform us while subscribing about the amount of Panelenopnaam you want to buy. You can select the solar park of your choice. We will arrange everything from there on.

If you are an existing Vrijopnaam customer and you want to start producing your own power, you can easily arrange this via the Vrijopnaam app. Adding Panelenopnaam to your current total is a possibility as

If you prefer to contact us by phone or email to arrange this, you can reach us via 085-30 32 652 (9am-17pm on working days) or

The amount of solar power produced by your Paneelopnaam depends on the amount of solar irradiation. The more the sun shines, the higher your electricity yield. We guarantee a minimum annual yield of 250 kWh per year per Paneelopnaam.

A maximum of 10 Panelenopnaam per address applies. This corresponds with an annual power production/own use of 2.500 kWh. Your production may not exceed your own annual power consumption.

We aim to make everyone in the Netherlands enthusiastic about producing one’s own electricity. That is why we chose for the maximum as stated.

After 9 years you can extend the term by re-investing. By doing so, you keep on enjoying the benefits of producing your own solar power.

Solar parks are operational for at least 15 years and designed to be 20-25 years in production.

You can chat or call 085-3032652 on working days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can always send us an e-mail!