The sun, an inexhaustible source of energy

One hour of sunshine is enough to power the whole world for a year. In other words, there is more than enough for everyone! To benefit as much as possible from the sun, Vrijopnaam builds solar parks.

For example, the longest solar park in the Netherlands was built on the sound wall along the A58 near Etten-Leur.

In this way, we make sustainable use of 'empty' space and will soon be able to close all coal and gas plants.

Do you want to participate in making the Netherlands more sustainable and at the same time bring down your energy bill? Go for 100% Dutch solar power and carbon compensated natural gas.


🟡 100% Dutch solar power - 2023

Power label 100% Dutch solar power

All the power that Vrijopnaam provides is 100% Dutch solar power. If that’s what you decide for, you are sure that you are actively contributing to the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy. With a big word that’s called 'the energy transition', in short, good job!

Carbon compensated natural gas, what is that?

In addition to electricity, we also supply natural gas. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to supply biogas (green gas) on a large scale. This is because in the Netherlands there’s hardly enough biogas of sufficient quality to supply the natural gas network.

Therefore, we fully compensate natural gas with Gold Standard Projects (currently a wind projects Bergres Wind Power Project in Turkey and Wind Energy Project in India). This is the highest possible gradation of carbon compensation.

Ranking sustainability energy suppliers

Most sustainable Dutch energy supplier!

Since 2018 Vrijopnaam has been awarded the maximum score in the "Annual Research on Sustainability energy suppliers". The Dutch Consumer's Association, Natuur & Milieu and WISE gave Vrijopnaam the highest report rating of 10!


10, 10, 10!

Vrijopnaam scored a 10 out of 10 for all assessed components: investment, purchasing and supply of electricity. We are proud of that, because it defines us as one of the few 100% green energy suppliers in the Netherlands. So, if Vrijopnaam supplies your energy, you make a sustainable choice for 100% Dutch solar power.

The Vrijopnaam app; to measure is to know!

A better climate starts with energy saving. Thanks to our app, you always have insight into your consumption and costs. Consumed less? Then you adjust the monthly installment amount easily.

With the Vrijopnaam-app you always and everywhere have insight into your energy consumption, costs and personal data. Easily report changes or see what you have generated yourself with your solar panels.

Dynamic rates

With Vrijopnaam you have the option to choose a dynamic rate. You would then have a fluctuating price for energy. The electricity price is determined per hour and the gas price per day. What you pay depends on price developments in the energy market and what you use.

With a dynamic rate, the Vrijopnaam app gives you insight into the hourly and daily prices for the following day. This allows you to make additional savings on your consumption costs by taking into account when energy prices are low.

Of course, with a dynamic rate, you automatically choose 100% Dutch solar power (and possibly carbon compensated gas).

Are you curious whether the dynamic rate is for you? Then take a look at our 'Dynamic rate' page. Already convinced? Sign up immediately for an energy contract with dynamic rates.

Smart questions about solar power and gas

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Next to (solar) power Vrijopnaam supplies natural gas to households with a heating demand. Unfortunately, in the Netherlands there is not enough green (bio)gas for large scale consumption. That’s why Vrijopnaam fully offsets the environmental impact caused by the natural gas supply through Gold Standard Projects. Gold Standard sets the international standard for climate and development interventions to quantify, certify and maximize their impact.

Choosing green power as an end consumer makes in fact no change on a system level, in the perspective of the energy transition. Neither does selecting an individual renewable energy source for the supply of power. This is just repackaging existing products. We enable our customers to produce their own green energy in newly built solar parks that enlarge the share of renewables in the energy mix. So, as a customer of Vrijopnaam you can truly contribute to the energy transition. And by producing your own solar power, the regular profit margin of your energy supplier ends up in your own pocket.

We guarantee all power supplied by Vrijopnaam is green and produced in the Netherlands. We can prove this by the corresponding Guarantees of Origin (in Dutch: “Garanties Van Oorsprong”, or “GVO”). Such a Guarantee of Origin is an energy certificate defined in article 15 of the European Directive 2009/28/EC. Guarantees of Origin are the only precisely defined instruments evidencing the origin of electricity generated from renewable energy sources. All in all Vrijopnaam customers can be sure every kWh they use has been sustainably produced.

From our so-called Energy Label you can conclude as well we provide 100% Dutch solar power. This Energy Label provides insight into the origin of the electricity that Vrijopnaam supplies.

Your power outlet receives a constantly changing supply from various energy sources: solar, wind, biomass, coal, natural gas and nuclear energy.

TenneT, the Dutch national high-voltage grid manager, ensures that the supply and demand of electricity are always in balance. Sustainably produced power always has priority over power from fossil sources. So, when the sun shines or the wind blows hard, a natural gas or coal-fired power plant somewhere in the country runs slower. And vice versa.

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